Shiny Royal Graduation Cap and Tassel

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The Royal Graduation Graduation Cap and Tassel boasts an amazing look, durable construction, and comfortable style created from a 100% Comfortable Polyester Finish. Each Royal Graduation Cap and Tassel is fitted tightly onto at 9" inch x 9" inch square mortarboard. Cap and Tassel is made to "Fit Most" due to the sewn-in elastic band. With the raised button on the top part of the hat you will be able to fit all of our tassels and most others.

Customer Reviews

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SPENCER LINDEN (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Fit: Perfect Fit
Cap and Gown Direct—The BEST!!

We had used a different company for several years for our graduation caps. This year, the company we used prior could not ship. Their state was shut down due to Covid-19. Well, I could not have been happier to search online and find Caps and Gowns Direct. Not only were the caps almost $2/cheaper apiece but because of the volume ordered, we were given a discount and free shipping. The quality is fabulous. And the tassel and 2020 charm are adorable!!! So at least one GREAT thing came from the pandemic. We found your company.

Chrissy Catanzaro (Staten Island, NY)
5th Grade Grad

This cap is a perfect fit for my 5th grader, very pleased with it!

Annette Valdez (San Jacinto, CA)
Fit: Perfect Fit

You guys are the best, I ordered a cap and it was returned I called the company and explained what happened and with no questions asked they shipped it back to me,I recieved my ordered with in a couple days. I will definitely recommend them to all my family and friends. Thank you so much for your time with this matter.

Cindy Alaniz (Temecula, CA)
Fit: Perfect Fit
Great quality

Good fit and good quality.

Jan Smith (Pascagoula, MS)
Fit: Perfect Fit
Not Pleased

The product is fine, however, it is not what I originally ordered. I ordered 3 weeks in advance with an approved delivery date, but the company did not have the product I ordered, nor did they bother to call me to let me know. We had to reschedule our pictures and then accept matte blue caps instead of shiny.