Our brilliant PhD/doctorate graduation hoods are a distinguishing feature to add to any doctoral gown set. The academic hood is worn over the graduation gown as part of full academic regalia (academic dress attire) at graduation and commencement ceremonies. As each hood is custom-made according to your school colors, degree colors, and type of degree (BA, MA, or PhD), we ask that you give us about 2 weeks to process your order, or 4 weeks especially during the graduation season.

Notwithstanding the discipline velvet colors listed in the ordering options, the correct velvet color for all PhD hoods is dark blue, representing the mastery of the discipline of scholarship attested to by the awarding of the Ph.D.

On the other hand, the correct velvet color for all non-PhD doctorate holders (as well as masters and bachelors) would be that of their particular field listed in the options.
That means that while a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) would receive light blue velvet, but a PhD in English would receive the dark blue velvet. Similarly a non-PhD Doctor of Science would receive Gold velvet, but a PhD in Science would receive the dark Blue Velvet. A non-PhD Doctor of Engineering would receive Orange Velvet, but a PhD in Engineering would each receive the dark blue velvet.

To avoid confusion, it is very important therefore for all doctors ordering hoods to clearly specify whether they are a PhD (and would be receiving the dark blue velvet regardless of their field) or a Doctor of "..."


  • Fabric Color: The standard fabric is a Matte Black Polyester.
  • Velvet Color: Based on degree and discipline made of a great light weight velvet.
  • Lining Color: 1st school color, in the large area made of a Satin/Polyester.
  • Chevron Color: 2nd school color, in the center area made of a Satin/Polyester.


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