Matte Black Graduation Cap and Tassel

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Sizing Chart

(Please feel free to reference our sizing chart as you read on)

Sizing your cap and gown is easy!

The first measurement you need to know is your height.
We size our gowns by height, so if you are 5'5" you should choose the gown designated for the height range 5'3-5'5.
If you are 6'1 you would choose the gown designated for the height range 6'0" - 6'2".
The second measurement you should be aware of is the circumference around the largest part of your body, this is usually your chest or hips. This will determine if you need a wider gown which we refer to as FF or XL. Our FF or XL sizes are not longer, but only wider.
If you wear a tshirt size starting at XXL or larger our FF or XL sizes will most likely not fit. If you need an XXL or larger please send us an email and we will help you find the right gown!
If you chose your size using our guidelines, your gown length should fall somewhere below your knee, but above your ankle.
If you would like the gown to reach just above or slightly covering your shoes, please consider choosing the next size up.
This is also good advice for those planning to wear lifts, heels, platforms, etc.
Please feel free to take a look at our sizing chart to better understand how our gowns will fit.
If you have any additional questions please reach out and we will be more than happy to help you!


  • 100% Premium Matte Polyester Cap
  • Matching Black Tassel Included, or mix & match another tassel color of your choice!
  • Mortarboard Size: 9.5" by 9.5" Standard Size
  • Adjustable Headband with Elastic
    • Standard Size Fit 18" - 23" around the head
    • Kinder Size Fit 17" - 20" around the head (age 3-6)

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Kalyn Mitchell (Indianapolis, IN)
Fit: Perfect Fit
Looks great

Caps seem sturdy and well made

Michele Manzella (San Jose, CA)

Steven was very professional and a huge help in getting the caps and tassels ordered for our upcoming graduation at Folsom State Prison.

Jasmine Styles (Cleveland, MS)
Fit: Perfect Fit

I love that it came exactly as expected and in 2 days!

Matt Williams (Eastpointe, MI)
Where's My Package?

The product shipped on time. However, according to the text updates, my package was returned because my name wasn't recognized at the address the delivery was attempted. This is odd because I put the correct location in the order, and was at home the date I was supposed to receive the hat and didn't see anyone. This leads me to believe someone went to the wrong house, or didn't attempt to place it on the porch (which another delivery person did the next day). Still hopeful to get the item, but it has to be 1 star for now.

Hi Matt!

We've been writing back and forth and sent you a replacement or 2 just to make sure you received your item. I just wanted to reach out and make sure you received the latest one.

Let us know!

Fit: Perfect Fit
Cap and Tassel

They are of good quality.