Deluxe Doctoral Gown - No Piping

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Sizing Chart

(Please feel free to reference our sizing chart as you read on)

Sizing your cap and gown is easy!

The first measurement you need to know is your height.
We size our gowns by height, so if you are 5'5" you should choose the gown designated for the height range 5'3-5'5.
If you are 6'1 you would choose the gown designated for the height range 6'0" - 6'2".
The second measurement you should be aware of is the circumference around the largest part of your body, this is usually your chest or hips. This will determine if you need a wider gown which we refer to as FF or XL. Our FF or XL sizes are not longer, but only wider.
If you wear a tshirt size starting at XXL or larger our FF or XL sizes will most likely not fit. If you need an XXL or larger please send us an email and we will help you find the right gown!
If you chose your size using our guidelines, your gown length should fall somewhere below your knee, but above your ankle.
If you would like the gown to reach just above or slightly covering your shoes, please consider choosing the next size up.
This is also good advice for those planning to wear lifts, heels, platforms, etc.
Please feel free to take a look at our sizing chart to better understand how our gowns will fit.
If you have any additional questions please reach out and we will be more than happy to help you!


Doctoral Gowns available in Black and Royal. These quality PhD Graduation Gowns are traditionally styled with velvet front and velvet panels, finishing at the hem, and featuring full sleeves with three velvet stripes (chevrons) on each arm and a clean design without gold piping. Perfect for faculty, PhD and other doctoral degree graduation! 

The look, feel and quality you would expect from a fully custom gown, but for hundreds of dollars less! Save big for your graduation now. 

Customer Reviews

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Fit: Perfect Fit

very good quality

Charles Holmes (Savannah, GA)
Fit: Perfect Fit
You Saved the Day!

At the very last minute, we needed a gown for our outdoor commencement. Yor staff promptly attended to my faculty needs. Bravo to your staff!!!!

Stephen Gaines (Lawton, OK)
Fit: Perfect Fit
Great Fit

I would recommend to my friends and family

Sheri Iliff (Findlay, OH)
Fit: Perfect Fit

Very satisfied. Yes, we would recommend to a friend.

Janet (Manchester, CT)
Fit: Runs Large
Cap and Gown

The Gown is well made. I ordered a wide gown because the gowns I have rented in the past (from another company) ran small. This gown is very wide - too wide. No width measurements were given for the gown when I ordered it so based on my past experience with other companies I chose a wide gown not knowing the measurements. Cap and Gown should offer measurements for their gowns instead of just height with the choice of wide - but how wide is wide?. The gown looks like a box on me. Is there any way to return it for a regular size gown?

Hi Janet,

Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry that the gown you ordered was too large. We are happy to help you return and send a smaller replacement. I've sent you an email with instructions. In the future, please see the size guide next to 'Select Color'.