About Us

At Cap and Gown Direct, you can trust us to provide quality graduation products without a premium.
Our parent company, DRNS Corp, was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1985 and have since been supplying school uniforms and customized items to the public schools of NYC and Florida. Cap and Gown Direct was created in 2011 as our branch to distribute our graduation products and services directly online, and now one of the leading online graduation retailers serving thousands of students, parents, and school administrators across the U.S. each year.
As a small business, we think of the “business” as, above all, human connections. That means showing respect to all humans involved including our suppliers, employees, and customers. It is demonstrated in everything we do: our fair-trade sourcing practices; in-house designers and production workers for all custom products; the happy, non-automated employees answering the phone; the transparency in communications from order placement to delivery; and the same attentiveness and care we give whether you are a parent, student, or a school big or small. 
We stand by our product quality and offer a satisfaction guarantee and 30-day return policy second to none in the industry. Only by doing so can we confidently and proudly help our next generation celebrate the most important milestones in life.