Purple Graduation Stole

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Worn over a choir robe, a choir stole drapes across the shoulders. Two styles of Purple Choir Stoles are common. This style resembles a scarf and hangs down the front of the body. Slightly curved at the neckline, with a pointed back.
The other style is known as the "V-Stole" pennant style. It is diamond shaped and features a triangle in the front and a longer triangle that hangs down the back.

For an added personal touch, personalize your Purple Choir Stole and make your event more memorable. Doing so would allow you to put a date, initials on the left, right, or both sides of each Purple Choir Stole or even a Embroidered Decoration such as a Latin Cross or Music Symbol on both ends. This creates a memory that would last a lifetime. Choose this lightweight stole as an excellent accessory for any gown for your choir.

Choir Stoles will be printed and shipped within two weeks.

A one time $12 Setup fee will automatically be applied to checkout for each side with Custom Printing.

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