Why Do Graduates Put Tape on their Mortarboards?

Why Do Graduates Put Tape on their Mortarboards?

Winter graduation season is upon us, bringing with it a flurry of excitement, memories and age-old traditions. Among these traditions is the curious act of putting tape messages on the mortarboard.

Why tape on the graduation cap?

Personal triumphs and tributes

Graduation is not just a personal achievement; it's often a milestone shared with loved ones. Taped messages serve as a canvas of gratitude, remembering those who’ve supported the graduate — be it parents, friends, or mentors.

Statements of identity and advocacy

Graduates use these cap messages to voice their beliefs, advocacies, or to highlight issues close to their hearts, turning the graduation walk into a silent, impactful march for a cause.

Celebrating the journey

From inside jokes about late-night study sessions to quotes that got students through tough times, these messages often reflect the memorable journey leading up to graduation day.

Tips for crafting your cap message

Verify that you can

We can't speak for every school, so before you plan a tape message for your cap, make sure it won't result in negative consequences like getting your diploma held.

Get creative

From colorful washi tapes to reflective metallic tapes, the choices are endless. They offer flexibility in design and can be layered to create intricate patterns or messages.

Measure twice, tape once

Sketch your message on paper first. Once you’re satisfied, replicate it on your cap using the tape.

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