What to Wear Under Your Cap & Gown at Spring Graduation

What to Wear Under Your Cap & Gown at Spring Graduation

Graduation day is such an exciting time, one we look forward to throughout the academic year.

However, in all of that anticipation, one thing that often gets overlooked is attire. What should you wear to spring graduation?

Spring Graduation Tips

Prep for the weather. Outdoor graduations in the spring can be unpredictable. It might be sweltering, or it might be raining. Pay attention to the forecast and choose clothes you know you’ll be comfortable in throughout the day.

Dress for comfort over fashion. On that same note, forget anything you wouldn’t want to wear for a full day. Opt for comfortable fabrics, well fitting clothes and shoes that can take a lot of walking and standing.


Most graduation gowns are cut low enough to show a shirt or top, so choose a neutral color for your top that won’t clash with your gown. These are the most popular choices for men and women:

Men - A collared dress shirt and tie.

Women - A collared blouse or scoop/v-neck top.


Your ankles will be visible beneath the gown, so make sure to wear a dark or neutral color on your bottoms. Most grads choose:

Men - Khakis or dark colored dress pants.

Women - Dress pants or a narrow skirt (no wider than an A-line style)
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