To Grad School or Not? A Few Things to Consider

To Grad School or Not? A Few Things to Consider

Heading into their final year of undergrad, college students can face a big question: "Is grad school next?"

It's a significant decision, and we're here to help you navigate it. Here are some critical factors to consider:

Purpose & Passion

Ask yourself - are you pursuing grad school for a genuine interest in deeper knowledge or are you just trying to delay entering the workforce? Your reasons should align with your long-term goals.

Financial Feasibility

Grad school can be expensive. Consider the costs and evaluate potential financial aid, scholarships, and assistantship opportunities.

Career Advancement

Does your desired career path require a higher degree for advancement or would work experience be more valuable?

Life Circumstances

Are you ready for more years of academic commitment? Consider your current personal and professional responsibilities and if they'd allow for further studies.

Program Reputation & Network

Not all grad schools are made equal. If you decide to pursue it, ensure your choice has a good reputation and can offer a strong alumni network in your field.

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