The Ultimate Spring Graduation Checklist

The Ultimate Spring Graduation Checklist

The excitement of spring graduation is in the air! And while this time is full of joy and anticipation for families of soon-to-be graduates, getting ready for the big day can also come with its share of stress.

Not to worry — a successful and memorable commencement is all about planning, and we’ve got the ultimate checklist to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch.

3 Months Before Graduation:

Order your cap and gown – Your school will help you schedule a time to be fitted for the right size gown.

Book a photo session – Grad season is a busy time for photographers. Schedule your photo session well in advance to ensure you have your photos in time to send out your announcements and invitations.

Order announcements and invitations – Personalized announcements and invitations with your school’s logo are a great way to share the big event.

Commemorate your achievement with a class ring – A class ring can be a great emblem of your time spent in school that you can keep forever.

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6 Weeks Before Graduation:

Wrap up your school requirements - Make sure all projects and papers are finished, school-related fees are paid and graduation requirements are covered.

Announce your graduation and invite friends and family – It’s time to send out your announcements and invitations and let everyone know about your big achievement!

Get ready to party – If you plan to have a graduation party, take care of the details like the guest list, decorations and catering well in advance.

Graduation Day:

Follow these 4 easy guidelines for a stress-free celebration full of memories:

1. Prepare the things you’ll need the night before

  • Cap, gown, tassel and other regalia
  • Name card or other ceremony materials
  • Graduation ceremony tickets

2. Double check the details

  • Get directions to the ceremony venue and plan where to park
  • Double check the graduate’s expected arrival time
  • Plan to arrive early to get a good seat

3. Style it right

  • Style your hair to look nice with your cap
  • Choose a smart looking outfit for under your gown that is also comfortable as you’ll likely be sitting for hours
  • Check the weather report, especially if your ceremony is going to be outdoors
  • Keep in mind that you’ll be walking across the stage in front of a large group of people to get your certificate, so choose shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in.

4. Enjoy the moment and make memories

  • You can’t take too many photos! Have your camera ready to snap photos before, during, and after the ceremony.
  • Remember to spend time celebrating with family (not just school friends)
  • Whether a small get-together or a large gathering, a post-ceremony party is a great way to personalize your graduation celebration.

Preparing for graduation can feel like a whirlwind, but when the big day arrives, be sure to take it all in. It’s an incredible achievement and a memory you’ll have for a lifetime!

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