5 Tips For Your Winter Graduation Photoshoot

5 Tips For Your Winter Graduation Photoshoot

Graduating in the winter can be a magical experience. The chilly weather can provide a stunning backdrop for your graduation photos. But how do you make sure you get the perfect winter graduation photoshoot?

Here are 5 tips:

1. Hire a great photographer

While it might be tempting to have your grad photos taken by a friend or amateur photographer who offered to do it for free, we recommend hiring an experienced professional who specializes in graduation photos.

2. Make the most of the season

Outdoor photos offer a lot of possibilities for beautiful backdrops and great lighting. Scout some locations around your campus or town that showcase changing autumn leaves, winter snow or other prominent seasonal features.

3. Include your loved ones

While graduation photos are about showcasing the person graduating, they are also about remembering this time in their life and the loved ones they’re sharing it with. Consider inviting family members, friends and classmates to pose alongside the grad.

4. Seek out the best locations

The locations that you choose will help tell your story. Scout for locations on campus with beautiful architecture, memorable sculptures, or the school’s name. Choose outdoor locations that set a mood.

5. Choose a fitting look

Graduation photos are all about showcasing a graduate’s individuality. Your outfits should make you feel confident and reflect your unique personality. Take some photos in team jerseys or clothes that represent clubs, fraternities or sororities, and of course you’ll want plenty of photos in the cap and gown.

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