Your Checklist for the Summer Break Before College

Your Checklist for the Summer Break Before College

The mortar boards have been tossed, the diplomas are in the mail and summer break is here at last.

If you are a parent of a recent high school grad, you might still be reeling from all the excitement of graduation, but with your grad’s freshman year of college ahead, this summer break is not like any you’ve had before. That’s why we’ve created this summer checklist to help your soon-to-be college freshman start off on the right foot.

1. Register for orientation

Some schools require freshman orientation, and some will even automatically sign students up to attend. Even if orientation isn’t mandatory at your child’s school, it is a great way to meet fellow students, get to know the campus, learn the ins and outs of student life and to build excitement about the coming year.

2. Go shopping and upgrade your tech

Time to put that graduation money to good use. Now is the time to start purchasing dorm room essentials, toiletries, pens and organizational tools. Why not make some wardrobe and tech upgrades while you’re at it? A reliable laptop is worth its weight in gold in college.

3. Have a yard sale

While you’re busy shopping for all of the college essentials, remember that this is also the time to get rid of things your child no longer needs or doesn’t want to take to school with them. A yard sale can help you clear out the clutter and earn a little extra cash for the college fund.

4. Reach out to roommates

Whether they’ll be staying in a dorm or apartment, with friends or a total stranger, it’s not too soon to reach out and start planning for a peaceful and productive living situation. Learning about their roommates' schedule, habits and personality in advance can save some stress during the school year.

5. Visit the family doctor

Be sure to schedule an appointment with your child’s GP to get a routine physical, fill or transfer prescriptions, get updated on vaccinations and allow them to ask any questions they may have about their health.

6. Savor the summer

While the summer between high school and college is an important time to take care of business, tie up loose ends and look toward the future, don’t lose sight of the most important part of summer break — having fun!

Be sure to leave some time for camping, barbecues, days at the pool, road trips or just savoring a lazy day.

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