When Is the Right Time to Mail Out Winter Graduation Announcements?

When Is the Right Time to Mail Out Winter Graduation Announcements?

As a general rule, graduation announcements that include an invitation to the ceremony should be sent out at least two weeks before the event.

However, it’s important to keep in mind where the recipients live. For long-distance recipients, it may take longer for your announcement to arrive in the mail and they may need more time to make travel plans.

In these cases, it is appropriate to send invitations or "save the date" letters up to three months before the ceremony to give invitees enough time to schedule travel.

Graduation announcement checklist

This simple checklist can help you to make sure that your graduation announcements are properly addressed and make it to your recipients’ mailboxes in plenty of time:
  • Order your announcements well in advance
  • Make a list of your recipients including names and addresses
  • Double check recipients’ names and titles
  • Double check address numbers and spelling
  • Ensure you have the proper postage for each recipient
  • Send your announcements at least two weeks in advance, or with more notice for long-distance recipients

Who should you send graduation announcements to?

Family, close friends and acquaintances – A good way to determine which friends to send an announcement to, is to send them to anyone to whom you would send a holiday card or correspond with regularly.

Teachers, professors and tutors – If you’re graduating from college, sending announcements to former high school teachers can be a great way to let them know about your educational journey and achievements.
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