Questions to Ask and Things to Look For When Doing College Tours

Questions to Ask and Things to Look For When Doing College Tours

Stepping foot on a college campus for a tour can feel like unlocking a new level in the game of life – a vibrant blend of excitement, curiosity, and just a dash of nervousness.

But how do you know if the campus you're touring is the right one for you

Questions to Ask

  1. Academics - What resources are available for academic support (tutoring, writing center, etc.)? How accessible are professors outside of class?
  2. Campus Life - What clubs, organizations, or events are popular on campus? How are the dorms and dining facilities? Where is the rec center, and what activities are available?
  3. Career Services - What resources are available to help students with internships, job placements, and career planning?
  4. Student Support - What mental health resources are available to students? Is there a health center on campus, and what services does it offer?

Things to Look For

  1. Campus Environment - It all starts with the vibe check. What's the overall mood of the campus? Does it resonate with your vision of a perfect college setting?
  2. Check out Bulletin Boards - The notices, posters, and flyers around campus can give you an idea of the day-to-day events and overall campus culture.
  3. Weekend Life - If possible, visit on a weekend. This can give you a feel for the campus social scene outside of academic hours.
  4. Local Community - Pay attention to the area surrounding the campus. Is there a harmonious relationship between the college and the local community? If you plan to live off campus, what's the housing like in the neighborhood?
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