How to Beat 'Senioritis' in the Last Year of High School

How to Beat 'Senioritis' in the Last Year of High School

Has your high school senior been feeling less engaged with school in their final year? If so, you might just have a case of “senioritis” on your hands. 

While this classic affliction has been driving parents and students nuts for ages, there are some simple and effective ways that you can help keep your high schooler focused and motivated until graduation day.

7 Ways to Fight Senioritis

  1. Know that the feelings are normal
    Senioritis comes in many forms. Sometimes getting into college makes the remaining year feel pointless. Maybe your high schooler has trouble waking up on time or a general feeling of malaise. It’s important to keep in mind that these feelings are all normal and temporary.

  2. Get into the college mindset
    A great way for seniors to stay motivated is to think of their senior year as “boot camp” for college. It’s a perfect time to dig deeper into the area they intend to major in, to perfect their study skills or to search for helpful apps and organizational tools.

  3. Earn some money
    A part-time job can help students save money for college expenses, start figuring out how to balance work and school, and start feeling like independent adults.  

  4. Serve the community
    Volunteering is a good way for students to stay engaged and have meaningful experiences while also showing colleges that they are caring and cooperative members of their community.

  5. Set goals for the rest of the year
    After years of working to keep up a great GPA, it’s important that students don’t drop the ball right at the end. Setting academic goals like earning AP credit or getting straight A’s can boost motivation.

  6. Explore new things
    Senior year is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and explore new interests. With more free time now that college applications have all been submitted, why not take an art or fitness class or search for an interesting summer internship?

  7. Enjoy senior year
    While seniors may be feeling “over it,” senior year is an important time in their academic careers and social lives. Encouraging your high schooler to spend time with their friends and family members, attend school events and appreciate their hard work and accomplishments can combat senioritis and make this time meaningful and memorable. 
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