Avoiding the Dog Days Haze: Keeping Your High Schooler Engaged Over the Summer

Avoiding the Dog Days Haze: Keeping Your High Schooler Engaged Over the Summer

During the final weeks of the school year, we all look forward to long summer days full of sunshine, swimming and relaxation.

Fast forward two months to the late summer, and it can be hard to keep youngsters active and engaged. However, with the right strategies, it can be a perfect time for kids to explore new interests, make memories and get ready to start the new school year with their best foot forward.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 4 great ways to keep your child engaged and make the most of the last weeks of summer break.

Hit the library

Many schools and libraries put together summer reading lists appropriate for each grade level. Some libraries even offer incentives for students who read a certain number of books during the break.


Older students can become active in their communities, meet new people, acquire job skills and add to their college application resumés by volunteering for a local organization.

Explore new hobbies and interests

Summer break is a perfect time to try some new interests on for size. Enroll your student in a pottery, photography, or robotics class or buy some cookbooks and start teaching them how to make their favorite treats.

Keep a routine

While part of the joy of vacation is breaking from the routine and obligations of the academic year, developing a summer routine of regular bed and wake-up times, reading or writing, outdoor time and other activities will make for a more productive and fulfilling summer and an easier transition back to the school routine in the fall.
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