5 Tips for a Successful Scholarship Search

5 Tips for a Successful Scholarship Search

Did you know that an estimated 1.7 million college scholarships are awarded each year? That's a lot of financial aid waiting to be claimed.

To help, we've put together five of our favorite tips to help you ace your scholarship search:

1. Focus on Local Scholarships

Local scholarships often have less competition than national ones. Check with local organizations, businesses, and community groups for scholarship opportunities.

2. Start Early and Stay Organized

Many scholarships have deadlines far in advance of college application due dates. Keep a calendar of application deadlines and stay organized to ensure no opportunity is overlooked.

3. Apply, Apply, Apply

Applying for scholarships is a numbers game. The more scholarships you apply for, the better your chances. Remember, even small awards can add up!

4. Make It Personal

Scholarship committees read thousands of essays. Make yours stand out by personalizing your story and showing what makes you unique.

5. Follow All Instructions

This may seem basic, but many applications are disqualified simply for not following instructions. Read all guidelines carefully!

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